Thinking Of Home & Surrounded by Sushi!

We return to me now on the 12th of September, which marked a very dark day in British history and filled me with sadness. The Great British Bake Off had been sold to Channel 4, meaning that there would be cursed adverts. I was obviously very sad at this news as the show would never be the same again, or as good as it was on the BBC. Not much else really happened on this day apart from me going to the library again, but I do that a lot anyway.

Tuesday the 13th was almost identical to Monday, with another trip to the library (and classes of course but I don’t think I need to mention them unless something significant happens), and there was more Bake Off sadness as Mel & Sue (the hosts of the show) announced that they would not be moving with the show to Channel 4. It’s safe to say the show won’t be the same, which makes me upset because I won’t be at home in the UK to witness the final proper series of the Bake Off (this may seem ridiculous to many of you, and you’re probably right, I’m just obsessed with this show!)

I was further irritated today when reading through one of the textbooks for my English class, as one section read, and I quote: “listening to your inner voice is what the chaotic, undisciplined, uncultured working class – worse, the Welsh working classes – do”. What on earth are you trying to say English text book!!! 😡

Image result for miranda rude
The 14th of September saw me embark on another solo Walmart adventure to do another round of shopping (this time with no angry couple at the bus stop). Then in the evening I thought I’d do some washing, which confused my roommate when I told him that, as many people call it laundry here. When I went to the building on the quad to do my…laundry, I saw someone fiddling with the door and didn’t think much of it. When I came back to move my clothes into the dryer, I couldn’t get into the building as the door had gotten jammed shut somehow! I went to the help desk to inform/complain about it, and they said someone would be round to fix it soon. It wasn’t until about 2 hours later that I could finally get to my laundry and put it in the dryer. It was a late night for Steffan’s laundry to say the least.
On the 15th I was feeling particularly bold and decided to wear my “oohh THE CLAW” Toy Story T-shirt that I’d bought in Disneyland Paris this June. I’m not usually one to draw attention to myself (I’m the exact opposite) but I love that T-shirt so I decided to wear it anyway. I did get a few odd looks, but what stood out the most to me, was the fact that 2 people couldn’t help themselves and burst out into a smile. It felt good to make people smile about something.

In case you were wondering what it looked like

I myself was also smiling a lot today, as I received a care package from home with some sweets, chocolate, a Welsh T-shirt in a superman pattern and a letter/card all from home. It felt very nice to have something directly from home, sent all the way to me in Albany. I didn’t waste much time tucking into the bag of Twirl Bites! Also today I had to do a group presentation for my politics class, It didn’t go that well for me, I didn’t realise that Indianapolis (the capital of the state) was in Marion, Indiana (the County I was responsible for researching). It was a bit embarrassing that I was called out about it in front of the whole class!
(Thank you very much family!!! I felt very spoiled opening everything up 😀 )
Friday the 16th of September was another fun evening of food and friends! This time we went out for food to a little sushi place. I hadn’t had proper sushi since Language week in Sixth Form, where I picked Japanese (obviously)and made sushi as part of the activities that week. Myself, Hugo, Caitlin, Oda, Miriam, Etsu and Etsu’s friend from Japan called Roy (American name) all went out for the meal. The place was called Blowfish and it was very pleasant, the food was amazing and I felt very full after my approximately 13 pieces of sushi. That may not sound like much but they’re very filling, although Hugo and Oda managed to eat a ridiculous amount, the sushi just kept on coming!
After our meal we went over to Price Chopper buy some things. Price Chopper is like your bog standard supermarket and whilst the others got their things I just bought a big carton of juice (yes, just juice, I love juice that much). When it was time to head home, we hopped on the bus…only to be told we weren’t allowed on (for reason I won’t disclose here). So that didn’t really go to plan and we were forced to go on another bus that went somewhere else instead. I probably looked very strange on the bus just holding a single carton of juice. The bus didn’t take us to where we really wanted to go, but thankfully Roy knew how to get Freedom Quad from where we currently were, although this did involve cutting through a creepy forest in the dark. We did thankfully make it home safe and sound.
Oda had previously bought a board game after we all enjoyed playing Werewolf so much. It’s called Battle of the Sexes and as I’m sure you can guess, it involved the boys going up against the girls. You basically had to ask a question relating to your gender to the opposite gender (e.g boys ask girls a question about sports, girls ask boys a question about makeup) and whoever reached the finish 3 times won. After arriving at Oda’s, Roy asked us all if he could invite a friend over and of course we were all happy for him to. It turn out of all the people he could invite over it turned out to be Cody!!! (my birthday cheerer upper !). It was so cool how this little friend group was expanding and merging with others, allowing me to meet so many new people.
I hope you don’t mind that this entry was quite a bit shorter than the last one, I’m still playing catch up with these blog posts and I don’t always have much time to write them, but I hope to catch up in the not so distant future. Until next time.

One thought on “Thinking Of Home & Surrounded by Sushi!

  1. Well I’m still playing catch up on reading your blogs-no idea how you have so much time to write them. Sounds as though you have found a good circle of friends and when they are from all over the place it will be a bit like Lizzy in Yokohama and Fukushima -she is still in contact with many of them and has been to visit various of them all over the world and some came from abroad for her wedding.


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