Apple Picking 2k16 & An Exhibition of Clumsy

Let’s rejoin things on the 25th of September, which involved me participating in something that I had no idea was popular in the U.S., Apple Picking! The trip had us going to the Indian Ladder Farm not far from Albany. I had previously tried getting a place on this trip on Friday the 23rd but it said it was full, after finding out the others were going I decided to try again on Saturday and for some reason I could now join, which was convenient!

Alex drove myself, Oda and Hugo to Colin’s Circle to wait for whatever mode of transportation would take us there. We soon found out that we were going there by typical American yellow school bus, however there was some issues that arose. The issue was, that there was only 2 buses when there was supposed to be 3. We were also waiting for Caitlin to arrive from her house downtown, she only just made it as she thought the buses left at a later time, so it was quite lucky that she got her in time. Due to the high numbers of people and 1 bus being missing, we all had to sit with 3 people  on a seat for 2! It was a very cramped and heavy bus, it kept making weird noses on the way there, I don’t think it was made to carry this many people.

When we arrived I was really surprised at how many people were gathered there. I didn’t know how much of big thing apple picking was in the U.S. prior to this trip. We were all given a bag and let loose in (only a small portion) the orchard to pick our own apples. It was a free for all on what tree you picked and I only got a few apples early on. There was a section of the orchard that had red tape around it, which us common folk weren’t aloud to pick, they were the best apples. We took a few without knowing we weren’t aloud to take them and they were soooo good, it wasn’t a surprise that they didn’t want people to pick them.

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I hadn’t picked any apples from a tree since I was very little, and this would have been from the apple tree in my Mamgu’s (Welsh for Grandma) garden. Although it was fun to be part of the whole thing, it was a little dangerous with all the apples on the ground that people could easily slip on. Given the clumsy person I am, I did end up wobbling on some (thankfully I never fully tripped and fell) and experienced further clumsiness on this visit. At one point I tried sitting on what I saw as a fairly low tree branch by pulling myself up from behind. Of course I failed at this and didn’t manage to pull myself up, so I almost ended up faceplanting the ground. However in order to prevent myself from faceplanting the ground I ended up propelling myself into another branch, basically it was a lose lose situation either way.

I relate to this panda on a spiritual level

On top of this, at one point when I plucked an apple form a high branch, another apple decided to come loose and fell on my head! It’s a good thing we left when we did because who knows what else would have happened to me. When we returned, the others were wondering whether go to the soccer game that was happening later on in the day. I didn’t really feel up to it and instead decided to go on a hunt to see if I could find an IPhone 4 charger for sale. I went to Walmart first and had no luck, then I just made it to the mall in time before it closed to find out that AT&T didn’t have one either. So all in all it was an utterly pointless trip! At least the day ended on a good note, as Hugo had made an amazing apple crumble for us all. At this point I’m convinced that Hugo can cook anything and make it taste good too!

Monday the 26th of September was a rather important day for America, as it was the first live presidential debate of 2016. I watched a large majority of it and my conclusion is similar to that of many others. Trump started strong but in the end Hillary was very consistent and in the end could be considered the winner of that debate. I know many Americans still hate both of them, but in my own humble opinion I feel they’d be in the safest hands of Hillary Clinton. She’s been surrounded by this sort of thing all her life and probably knows a thing or two about how it all works. Again this is just the opinion of an exchange student from outside the U.S., but who knows what the future holds (excuse the political turn that just happened!)

On the 27th, the earsplitting fire-alarm went off on our block and forced me leave my room. I was fine when it first went off because I had my headphones on, it was a mistake to take them off!

(I wasn’t kidding when I used the word ‘earsplitting’ Headphone Users BEWARE!)

After that horrid incident, I had another one. I went to the kitchen to just drink some juice like normal, somehow the juice went down the wrong way. Usually this would be no big deal, but this time for some reason the juice actually got stuck in my throat and I couldn’t breathe properly. I kept making this weird noise as I was trying to get my breath back, but I just couldn’t. I think I either was or was on the verge of choking! Luckily after a very scary minute of struggling to breathe I manged to clear my windpipe (that’s a fancy way of saying I burped) and was fine. It was a very scary experience and one that I do not wish to experience again.

I guess it’s kind of ironic that I started watching Pushing Daisies again (a show about bringing people back from the dead). Some of the actors in that show have been, and  gone on to be in quite a few big things, including Wicked, Guardians of the Galaxy and Marcella.

The 28th of September was a pretty relaxed day, I did my usual weekly shop at Walmart after my U.S. Public History class. Although this time the class was a mini field trip to the art museum on campus. I’ve already had to talk in class and write a response paper on the museum so I’m pretty tiered of saying the same thing over and over again, so I’ll condense it. It was alright. However there was a funny picture I did enjoy that looked like a confused frog!


Confused Frog second top left

Today I also randomly felt like FaceTiming back home, I didn’t realise until after finishing talking to them, that it had been a whole month since I’d last spoken to them  face to face (it also marked me being 20 for a whole month!). We just talked about random things, and I still pester them to get a kitten/cat for when I come back from the U.S. for good!

On the 29th of September, the only thing I can really think of mentioning is that my IPhone 4 charger arrived after I ordered one online, so that was a relief.

Friday the 30th of September marked another group meal day. This time it was burgers and fried potatoes, as always the food was amazing. This time there was an additional treat as Caitlin had mad us all an Apple Cake (yes, the same apples from the apple picking trip!). After enjoying the food, we started talking about making plans of places we wanted to go and see, so hopefully we actually end up going to them at some point.

I realise that the next few entries may be a bit slow in content and actually being written. I hope you can bear with me, as I have midterm exams and essays fast approaching and should really be focusing my attention on them. None the less, I hope you enjoyed this entry and until next time.



2 thoughts on “Apple Picking 2k16 & An Exhibition of Clumsy

  1. Were they just expecting people to clear the excess apple harvest for them?? Did you keep your apples or give most back to farm? Seems a bit weird-just picking all my cooking apples before they all fall.Neighbours are getting fed up with all my excess..


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