Musing at a Museum & The Trials and Tribulations of Having a Roommate

Hello there, long time no see! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted a blog, the reason being for this, as I mention in the last post, was thanks to the dreaded Midterms! I’ve almost finished them all, I only have one paper left due on the 1st of November. Now, I’ll try and get you back up to speed on some of the event that went on during October (forewarning: October has not been my favourite month this year!)

Right, so on the 1st of October myself, Hugo, Oda, Caitlin and Rikako headed downtown to go to the museum that was on Washington Plaza: ‘The New York State Museum’. The bus journey there was interesting to say the least. To start of with we took a bus from the Jewish graveyard near our Quad (yes, there’s a graveyard right near where I live!). This bus only took us to Crossgates Mall, so we then took another bus that went back in the same direction we just came from! Then after a few stops, a woman came on the bus with her 4 children, all of which I’d say were no older than 7. She was a terrible mother it’s fair to say. She just sat on the phone ignoring her crying baby, (who was called Justice by the way, what kind of name is that!?) while the 2 oldest children were looking after their younger brother who I’d say was round 2! The whole thing stressed me out and I was glad when she got off (not before getting fed up with her own infant child and leaving him on the bus, only for the 2 older ones to carry him off, honestly some people are ridiculous!).

When we finally arrived downtown, it was eerily quiet as there was hardly anyone around. This was strange to me given it was a Saturday, we still have no idea why it was so quiet there. For some reason there was like 3 wedding photo shoots going on all around Washington Plaza, and for some reason the grooms were all around 60 years and older whilst they were REALLY young brides (not sure what was going on there… >_>).

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The museum was really cool, and extremely big, with sections on natural history, Native American history, generic history, art pieces and a really cool section on New York City. It was quite easy to get lost in there, which is actually what happened to poor Rikako! Near the end of our visit, we realised she wasn’t with us and we had to go and search for her, as she didn’t have any way for us to message her. We decided to split up and look for her individually and after a certain amount of time searching, we arranged to meet back at a specific part of the museum. We decided on the NYC part of the museum, specifically the part about Sesame Street. At one point I even said “Okay I’ll go this way, let’s meet back at Sesame Street”. Eventually the other manged to find her and all was well in the end.

(I’m always Amy Poehler in this situation!)

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Sunday the 2nd and Monday the 3rd were uneventful days and nothing of importance really happened that I need to mention. Tuesday the 4th of October however was a bit more interesting, one of the reasons for this was due to the fact that the first official trailer for the TV series ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ was released, which just so happens to be one of my favourite book series ever!

(I cannot wait for this show!!!)

Another reason today was rather good, was due to the fact that the professor for my American City class accidentally put up the answers for the pop quiz this week. This resulted in everyone getting 100% out of fair play. Whilst waiting outside for my class, a girl on the phone came and sat near me. I soon noticed she was raising her voice at the person at the other end of the phone quite a bit. Then I realised I was witnessing a phone domestic! From what I gathered, the reason for her annoyance was due to the fact that her boyfriend had hung up on her earlier, and she would NOT let it go! (seriously some people need to get some real problems!). Also, on my way back from class I witnessed a large group of middle aged women just running/jogging on the sidewalk. There was quite a large number of them and it was quite an odd thing to behold just out of nowhere.


I’m not sure if you can see them but they are there

On a less fun note, my roommate returned from his week trip to some conference. I had enjoyed having the room to myself and also not having loud rap music blaring almost all the time. Also, for some strange reason I couldn’t get to sleep that night! (sarcasm)

Wednesday the 5th was another lack luster day, other than my usual weekly trip to Walmart, where they have loads of Halloween stuff out already. They go all out for the holidays here! Thursday the 6th of October marked another rather glum period for me, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Today wasn’t all bad, Humans series 2 was confirmed and was coming back on the 30th of October. Dad and myself watched all of the first series together, so I can’t wait to see how this series plays out.

In other TV news, The Apprentice returned to British TV, this year one of the contestants is from Aberystwyth so I hope they do well! There are some really amusing ones this year, namely Jessica, in addition to some really irritating ones, namely monobrow guy. It’s just that time of year again where all the good TV shows come back (I swear I’m not obsessed!).

On a more academic note, I got my mark back for my dreaded poetry essay on The Wasteland. I was not looking forward to getting it back, however it wasn’t as bad as I though it was going to be, it was a B+/A- which I was very pleased about.

Also today, Oda’s parents and boyfriend had arrived to spend some time with her and she invited some of us over to meet them and try out some Norwegian food, which was very nice of them. However, even though this was only happening in the building next door, I did have some trouble getting there from my place! My roommate brought a girl back with him today for some reason and took her into our room… I quickly retreated to the kitchen, which was a complete and utter mess making me very stressed out, so I was glad for an opportunity to get out of there. The only issue was that I needed to get my shoes and my keys from my room! I reluctantly knocked and tried opening the door, but it was locked! (the cheek!). I knocked again (louder this time) and was let in by my roommate, I quickly grabbed what I needed and got the heck out of there!

Oda’s parents and boyfriend were very nice and treated us to some fish, chocolate and Oda even made a cake in a Norwegian style, it was all very tasty! Etsu and Rikako were very interested in all the food and seeing their reaction to the food was adorable and very funny. I didn’t really want to go back to my flat, but I had to go back regardless of whether I wanted to or not. As soon as I got in I could hear really loud music coming from my room and I pretty much imminently just walked out the door again! I decided to go for a walk to the main campus and just sat near the fountain which I adore.

I wanted to talk with someone but couldn’t really because the majority of people I would usually talk to were sleeping at this time, as it was around 3:00am back home! Luckily for me, I had my American friend Kristin to talk to (I say talk but I really mean message but I’m sure you knew that), and she being the all around good person that she is, had offered to listen to any problems I might have in America, after I had done the same for her when she was at Swansea for the Spring semester this year. I was very glad just to talk with her as it allowed me to get out all my worries (If you’re reading this Kristin, thank you so much for reassuring me and just being there to talk to!). After feeling better about things, I headed back to my flat, where thankfully my room was open and I could finally get back to my things!

The 7th of October wasn’t really a great day for me either and I was just a bit irritated with everything, I think I was starting to get irritated with some of the differences between home and here. So in a way I think I was getting a minor form of culture shock.

On Saturday the 8th of October, my current situation and issues didn’t really improve. As my roommate once again returned with the same girl from last time, and once again I was forced to leave MY room, this time they actually told me to leave!

Image result for miranda rude gif

I did the same thing as last time and made my way to campus to the fountain, this time I was actually able to share my complaints with Howard back home (so thanks Howard for being awake at a really late time! 😀 ). We talked for quite a while about random things and I was once again very grateful and appreciative of the people I have that are there to support me.

In addition to the bothersome events of the recent days, I have to tragically report that the goldfish in our flat sadly died on the 8th. Thankfully he didn’t have a name (at least as far as I’m aware) so I wasn’t really that attached to him, but it’s still sad none the less. R.I.P Goldfish.

Hopefully this will be the start of a return to regular blog entries for a while, but I can’t promise anything! I hope you enjoyed this entry and don’t mind me talking about some not so fun issues (here’s hoping the references to TV shows and the Miranda GIF make it seem not so bad!). Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Musing at a Museum & The Trials and Tribulations of Having a Roommate

  1. Think you need to tell your roommate to spend his time at his girlfriends rather than your room -very rude of him not to consider your feelings.
    I started that week becoming an OAP (65) plus all family home for celebrationand then Gez and I went to Cornwall for a few days-walked up to Tintagel went to Eden Project then a Rick Stein restaurant in Padstow.
    Glad to hear your result was okay. Would like to attach pic but not sure how to do-will ask your Mum when I see her this weekend. X


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