The Final Countdown!

The blog catch up operation is still underway but I’m not that hopeful! Anyway picking things up on Sunday the 9th of October, things thankfully went a lot better than the previous 3 days I’m glad to say. One of the reasons for this was because I got to try Pumpkin Pie for the first time today (a very American fall activity don’t you think?), I really enjoyed it and would certainly have some again. I also spent a lot of the day getting on with the reading that I’d been assigned, as I had to read a 500 page book to read by the 14th! On top of that I had to read another 400 page book, and write a reaction paper on it by the 18th. Needless to say I had a lot of reading to do that week!

After I’d done as much reading as I could for the day (and no, I didn’t finish any of the books), it was time to watch the 2nd Presidential Debate. This time it felt like Trump was slightly more prepared than the last one, but still didn’t come anywhere near close to how a polished and sophisticated presidential candidate should be. This time they were both given their own personal hand microphones to walk around with and answer audience questions. The thing that I think most people take from these debates is the funny pictures and videos that come from them (mainly as a way of dealing with how unhappy they are with the candidates). To be fair some of them are hilarious.

The 10th to the 12th of October is another period in which I cannot find anything of worth mentioning, except that I continued to endeavor to read as much as I could without  getting sick of reading.

Thursday the 13th saw our Indiana group get our mark back for our worksheet and presentation we did. I’m pleased to say we got an A-, so not as bad as I thought given my less than amazing performance.Today I also Facetimed mum back home, as it had already marked the time to stat thinking about booking flights back home for Christmas. My last exam is on the 20th of December (which I think is way too late!) so my flight back home is going to be on the 21st. It’s strange to think that if I was here for only a semester, it would be going into the second half and nearing the end of my time in America!

On the 14th of October, I had the class that I’d been reading that 500 page book for (U.S. Public history) and I was able to discuss it with ease. Also today, as soon as I took my shoes off when I got back to my flat after coming home for the from classes, the earblood fire alarm went off! This time though I could actually smell burning and see a little smoke, which was coming from the same building as Oda, Miriam and Etsu’s! (which is called C7, mine is C6). As annoying as the fire alarm was, I did get to see Etsu and Oda again after not seeing anyone from our little group in over a week. I’d also like to point out that an actual firetruck  had to come and inspect everything. Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I’m probably making it sound, there was no fire at all, just a bit of smoke.


There’s the proof!

On Saturday the 15th we had a little movie night and ordered some pizza to go along with the evening. After quite a bit of deliberation on what to watch we ended up deciding on Ferris Buellers Day Off. I’d seen some parts of this movie before but I’d never watched it the whole way through, I know many people love the film and see it as a classic. I though it was alright, although (unpopular opinion alert!): I feel like Ferris is a really annoying person and just irritates me (sorry if you love everything about this film), the rest of it was pretty good though. The pizza of course was amazing (who doesn’t love pizza?!) and there was still some Norwegian chocolate left from when Oda’s parents and boyfriend visited.

The 17th wasn’t really interested in anyway whatsoever, so there’s nothing to mention there. On the 18th, Hugo offered to let us try some of the tea his girlfriend had brought from France for him. He also went to the effort of making pancakes for us which were amazing. This, reader was the calm before the storm know as Midterms! (DUN DUN DUN!!!)


This was pretty much my life for the midterm period  -_-

On the 19th of October I began my preparation for Midterms as I had 2 exams and 2 essays due spread out for the 25th, the 27th and the 1st of November. I was so worried about the whole thing I was in the library until about 1:00am! Today also marked the final presidential debate before the election on the 8th of November, this whole race has involved a whole bunch of ‘Bad Hombres’ and ‘Nasty Women’ and no matter the result a significant amount of people are going to unhappy with the result. Nothing really new came from the debate, it was the same old ‘ask her about her e-mails’ and ‘he doesn’t respect women’ from both sides. It’s not long now before we find out essentially which direction this world is heading. Will it build walls and break old ties or stand together and move forward?

Thursday the 20th was a better day out of some rubbish ones.Today I hung out with Hollie and her friend a bit before our English class later on. They went to get lunch from one the canteens on campus and I joined them, even though I didn’t have a meal plan and was worried that I wasn’t going to be allowed in. Luckily I somehow managed to sneak past without being detected. I think I’m just naturally very good at not being noticed. I was good…somewhat, and only took a ‘free’ apple and a drink, I’m sure they can afford it! It also rained for the majority of the day which hadn’t happened in a long time.

Once again I worked quite late on all things Midterm, and didn’t get back to my room until midnight. I came back to find my roommate fast asleep, it’s usually him coming back really late, the only difference is I didn’t wake him (yes, I did mean to throw some major shade!)

I think I’m going to have to cut this blog a little short here. I hope you enjoyed this shorter entry, and that we can all make it through November the 8th! I’ll most likely see you next time on the other side of this whole thing, until next time.



One thought on “The Final Countdown!

  1. Well that’s October and exams done!! Just had your Mum and A. Liz around for roast lamb dins plus Martha and some U.Gez fireworks…lovely to see my sisters and glad to hear you are home over Xmas. Gez has been following the politics and I shall be glad when it is over whatever the result-looks like one is a crook and one probably incompetent. Xx


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