Midterm Maddness

Right, let’s get back to things on Friday the 21st of October where our group was reunited again over food. Except this time we didn’t meet up at someones flat, and instead all met up gradually to go and buy what we needed to make the food. Oda and Miriam had gone to the mall first and asked if anyone wanted to meet up at Walmart. I was more than happy to get out of my flat as my roommate had bought back a DIFFERENT girl to our flat. I also wanted to go to the mall, as I could get some money out for the trip happening tomorrow (which I’ll get to in a bit).

So I made my way to the mall, got my money out from a cash point and then waited for the two of them to finish their shopping. Then Hugo decided to let us know that he’d be at Walmart and we could meet him there. When we got there he’d already done most of the shopping for us, which was very nice of him. Then just as we were about to leave Caitlin showed up out of the blue and we all made our way back to C7 to have some Stir Fry, which Oda very kindly took responsibility for. I also learnt that Norwegians call Stir Fry just ‘Wok’, which I love! As I’m sure you can guess from the way the last blog went, I spent the rest of my evening working on my Midterm essay and revision.

Saturday the 22nd of October was a very wet day! This may seem like very pointless information but it’ll soon make sense. Myself, Oda, Caitlin and Etsu were going on a trip to ‘Six Flags Great Escape’ just North of Albany. After waiting in the rain at Collins circle for the bus to arrive, we were awarded with a single yellow school bus…

It wasn’t that bad this time however, as I actually got a seat for 2 people all to myself! It took about an hour to drive all the way there and I’d been messaging my friends and parents on the way there about what I was doing and how I was looking forward to a nice break from worrying about Midterms. However, when we got there, we were all given some very disappointing news. The park was closed due to the rain!!! They had made the decision to close it about 5 minutes after we had left campus, which made the whole thing 10 times more annoying! Now we had to make the one hour trip back straight away again! It was a pretty big fail of a day out. If I’m being honest though, I wasn’t that upset as this gave me an opportunity to work some more on midterms (you know something is wrong when you’re actually relived to study due to how worried you are about not studying!). One would hope that things would go better next Saturday when they rescheduled… (stay tuned for the next entry to find out!)

After doing a hefty amount of work again, I decided to give myself a little break and thought I’d try out the new Doctor Who spin-off called Class. I wasn’t really expecting much going into it, but I actually really enjoyed it way more than I though I would, and couldn’t wait to see the next episode!

(It’s a bit like Torchwood in the fact that it’s got quite a bit more mature issues than in Doctor Who (even though it’s set in a school)

The 23rd of October was quite a painful day all around, physically and emotionally. This started pretty much straight away in the morning when I went to clean up my bowl after having cereal, like I do every morning. However, as I was applying the washing up liquid to the brush, some of it went rogue and went straight into my left eye! It was very painful as I’m sure you can imagine and I could barely keep my eye open. I checked it out after a while and the whole eye was almost completely red, and it still really hurt! (this is the worst place for me to cause pain, as I have a strange phobia of things touching or going wrong with eyes!)

Today was also the return of The Walking Dead to the TV screens in America and it was very mixed emotions for me. As I was so excited for it to come back after the horrible cliff hanger they’d left it with at the end of the last season, whilst at the same time feeling terrified to find out who was being killed! For those of you who didn’t watch it or don’t watch it, you’ll probably have no idea what it’s like. I felt so empty after watching it, seriously, season 7 opening is a really brutal watch.

I was also doing my washing this evening and as I was approaching the building, I though I saw a cat next to the door and got really excited. As I got closer I realised that it wasn’t a cat and got really depressed. Then I realised it was a  raccoon and got all excited again because I’d never seen a raccoon in person before (it’s the small things in life that matter). Anyway, as I was finishing up my washing and putting it into the dryer I heard a loud noise, and realised that the fire alarm was going off on our block of flats (this happens way too often!). The thing was, that the alarm wasn’t going off in the building I was in, so I just decided to take my time and not worry about getting out because there was obviously no fire where I was. After I was finished, I walked out and got a telling off for not coming out when the alarm going. I was fine so I wasn’t that bothered about the whole thing.

The 24th of October was back to work again, and trying my best to be fully prepared for my exam that was happening the next day. I think the constant work was getting to me, as at one point in the library I though it was appropriate to listen to the Crumble Song by Lorraine Bowen as part of my revision. Midterms can make you do strange things sometimes.

For those of you who have not witnessed this masterpiece, you’re welcome!

Then we move to Tuesday the 25th of October, the day of my first midterm exam! This was for my history of the U.S. city class and it was an online exam. Before taking the exam I was really anxious and wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never taken an online exam before. But then I realised that I was able to use all my notes and this just made everything so much easier! Plus the majority of the exam was multiple choice which was pretty nice and straightforward. I can confirm now that I ended up getting 90 out of 100! I was in the top 9 of the class, so not too bad if I say so myself! Also today, the politics class was supposed to involve a presentation from each group about our research from ads and media campaigns from the senate and presidential races in our state. The majority of the groups (ours included) were a bit confused about how to present the whole thing, and as a result of the mass confusion our professor just decided to call the whole thing off which I wasn’t complaining about.

Today was also another point of insanity for me whilst doing midterm stuff, as I decided it was a good idea to listen to some Christmas songs! (mum would be so disappointed with me 😅) The reason being because I’m associating Christmas with going back home, and by listening to Christmas songs it got me through and motivated me with that affiliation of home.

On the 26th of October I did my weekly shop at Walmart and have another funny/strange encounter to mention (once again it happened at the bus stop). I had just finished my shopping and sat down at the empty bus stop for once and waited for the next bus back. As time went by two more people came and sat down, filling up all the seats. Then the tiniest (and what I though was a sweet) old lady made her way to the bus stop with her little tartan trolley. One of the people who’d sat down offered their seat to her, then to my utter shock this tiny old lady snapped back at them with “NO! I don’t want your seat! Leave me alone!!!” I was astonished at how mean she’d been to a person who was showing her an act of kindness (side note to all reading this: be kind to one another, please). I was once again surprised at how rude she was when she then proceeded to cut in front of me when getting on the bus! Mean tiny old lady was savage!

Image result for rude miranda gif

Now dear reader, I have to turn to a rather sad note. As today was the final ever (proper) episode of the Great British Bake Off. British TV will arguably never be the same again. R.I.P. Great British Bake Off, you will be dearly missed and will forever be in our hearts. Long live soggy bottoms!!!


Moving on, Thursday the 27th of October had to be one of the most jammed packed days yet! The most biggest surprise was that it actually SNOWED! (YES, IN OCTOBER!). When I left for classes that morning I did not expect to find that it was snowing! I was really confused at first, as it had come out of nowhere and I had no idea what was going on! I was so excited walking to class, I felt like a child experiencing snow for the first time and it put me in a really good mood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent the morning in the library with Hollie putting the finishing touches on our English midterm papers. I don’t think I’m ever going to be confident handing in work, which is what I physically had to do this time! Our English class wasn’t on today, but we did have to drop off our papers at our professors office. We though he wasn’t in after Hollie knocked and he didn’t open the door, then just as we were about to slide them under his door he just creepily opened the door and that was that.

After sorting out one Midterm assignment, it was onto another with my Politics exam. The exam itself I though wasn’t that hard and it was also in a multiple choice format. However, I didn’t realise that he’d allowed us to flat out not answer 4 questions if we wanted to and not loose any marks for doing so! I though this was too good to be true and just answered them all which I kinda regret doing but oh well.

Now while all this was going on, all the way back in Swansea, I was informed by Rob that a part of the campus had been evacuated and quarantined off due to a chemical spill! Not only that, but there was a (controlled) explosion in order to take care of the problem! It even made the news! The one time something newsworthy happens in Swansea and I’m not there to witness it!

At least I had the snow I guess. Although that quickly became a problem as it had stuck to the ground and made walking back home very slippery (thankfully though I didn’t fall!). But before I did head home, I had to pick up another package that had been sent from home, which made me very excited! I had arrived home and was just starting to open the package when my roommate came back, and said that he was going for a nap and did not want to be woken at all. I took that as a ‘go away’ and left to go for a walk in the snow, whilst Facetiming back home in the process to say thank you for the package.

After doing that I then went back to my flat and could finally open the package and see what was inside. It had an assortment of chocolate/sweets, a note/card and a hoodie which smelt of home. I couldn’t help but just sit there and sniff it, it was weird how one piece of clothing made me feel so connected to back home. No matter what troubles I have, it’s comforting to know that my family will always be there, and that alone can’t help but make me feel better.

Premature snow, an explosion and a box full of love, what more could you want for in a day!?

Well we did it! We made it through Midterms (pretty much)! I hope you enjoyed this rather erratic blog entry, that’s one rather stressful period of my time in America over with. Now it’s on to better and calmer times, at least I hope so. Honestly, who know at this point! Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Midterm Maddness

  1. Christmas songs in October! Shame on you Steffan Lewis 😄 I’ll let you off this time as it was good to see/hear the crumble song again!
    You’ll be pleased to hear I’m already planning your next parcel.


  2. Lovely-see you haven’t sorted out your roommate yet!! Never heard crumble song before but then I don’t watch the programme so not surprising. We had a sprinkling of snow last week was cold for a day or two now back to warm for November. Glad midterms are done and dusted..and wok is good for stir Fry! Lucky you with all these parcels-I remember having to send Lizzy Heinz baked beans and marmite to Japan. Enjoy your Walmart trips xxxxx


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