A Tale of Two Halves

Hi there, I hope you are doing well, things have been calming down a bit more for me recently which is nice (although it won’t be too long until finals start and I’ll probably start to question my entire life existence…but let’s not worry about that now!).

Friday the 28th of October was definitely an evening of 2 halves, one nice surprise and a horrible surprise! Lets’s start with the nice shall we? Good, okay so myself, Hugo, Oda, Miriam and Caitlin went to go and see an Ice Hockey match downtown! It was the Albany Devils against the Toronto Marlies. I went into this with expectation at a low, as the other 2 American sports I’d seen so far had been guilty of some dull moments at times. I was very pleasantly surprised, as it was really fast paced with hardly any stopping and starting like the other sports. It’s also a really aggressive sport, I didn’t realize this the first time, but when an actual fight broke out between two opposing players, the referees are supposed to let it happen as it’s just another part of the sport! This made the whole thing way more exciting to watch, and I think about 5 separate fights broke out! Miriam got really into the fights and was very excited when one would break out, I found it really amusing how one moment everything’s fine, then the next two guys are viciously trying to beat each other up! Even though we lost 0-3 I still enjoyed the whole experience!

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When I returned to my flat however, I had a rather unpleasant and unexpected surprise. When I walked in through the front door I found about 10 complete strangers in the flat! I had no idea what was going on and after a few minutes my roommate just comes into our room and just told me what was going on like it was no big deal and I should’ve know about it… Basically what was going on was that my roommate AND one of my flatmates were having friends from where their from stay here for the weekend, all at the same time! What annoyed me the most about the whole thing, was the fact that not one of them had though to mention this to me before! Surely that would have been a decent thing to do right!? Or am I just overreacting? Anyway, it was a very long night, not to mention the fact that I was woken up at 3:00am by them!

On Saturday the 29th of October, I awoke feeling very tired and found the entire flat filled with people sleeping all over the place. I literally had to step over someone to get into the kitchen, plus it was an absolute tip! I went to the library feeling very stressed and not at all confident about writing an add on politics midterm essay. Nonetheless, I was there from 11:00 am until 6:30 pm trying to get a hang of what I was trying to write. Once again this evening at my flat they proceeded to hang around very late just being an all around annoyance, they didn’t end up leaving until 1:00 am.

Sunday the 30th, I awoke once again having to step over someone in order to get into the kitchen. I was devastated to find that my BIG cartoon of juice that I’d opened on Friday was pretty much completely gone. They’d drank almost all of it within 2 days without even asking/telling me!!! I was so mad, that when I left for the library in the morning when they were still all asleep, I slammed the door shut on my way out (I hope I woke them all up and gave the a taste of their own medicine!)



The reason that I was heading out today was because I was going to take some pictures, as I hadn’t done so in quite a while and it gave me an opportunity to go to some parts of the campus I’d never been to before. After doing that for a while, I went to the library and decided to get something to drink from the vending machine (as I had no juice left like you know) The vending machine decided to play hard to get and when I entered what I wanted it got stuck! Then it thankfully spat out all my money and I tried again in irritance and finally got something to drink!

When I was sitting in the library that evening, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye in the window. I had a peek and saw someone walking around outside with a suitcase that had disco lights coming from it and playing music. I wasn’t really sure what was going on or why it was going on but the disco suitcase soon went out of my field of vision and went to boogie someplace else.


Apologies for the poor image quality, I was taken by surprise and was in a rush to take a picture of this strange sight.

Next day was the 31st of October or as it’s commonly known: Halloween. But to be honest with you all I’ve never been that into Halloween, so I didn’t really do anything special today. If you enjoy Halloween, then I hope you enjoyed your spoopy day.

Tuesday the 1st of November was finally the end of October and I was quite happy to see the end of it! I was surprised to find that I was already getting my mark back for the U.S. midterm exam today! It was good news! I got 90 out of 100, but on top of that, I was in the top 9 of the entire class! So November was already of to a very good start.

The 2nd of November was a day of sights I didn’t expect to see. First off, on my way to the bus stop to go to Walmart and do my shopping. I saw a guy just randomly going about campus on a unicycle, which was weird but amusing I suppose. Then when I actually arrived at Walmart I was greeted with the start of Christmas! As they had already set up their Christmas display, which by the way had a giant inflatable teddy bear dressed up as Santa. I was really looking forward to Christmas once Halloween was over with and am fully on board the Christmas excitement train!

The 3rd of November was one of those days where I just felt really tired for some reason and didn’t really do much, and then proceeded to feel guilty for not doing anything the entire day!

On Friday the 4th, myself, Caitlin and Oda went out to have food at a place close to downtown to eat out for a change, it was really nice. It was an American bar/restaurant type of place, which had a ridiculous amount of TV’s all over the place pretty much all showing different things. Oda had been here once before and strongly recommended the place so I was expecting very good things. I ended up going with the ‘Rajin Cajun chicken’ sandwich (which was way bigger than I thought it was going to be) and I was so full by the end of the meal, it was great! It was nice to have a bit of a break after a stressful couple of weeks.


Welcome to glutton town!

Saturday the 5th of November was Bonfire Night in the UK, I was kind of sad to be missing it, because I always associate it with my childhood and being with my family. It also marks the time (in my opinion) when it’s socially acceptable to be talking about Christmas, and the run up to my mums birthday which is 5 days after Bonfire Night. Early November is just a family affiliated time for me, whereas it seems to be the end of November for most people in the U.S.

Also today our little group went and saw Dr Strange in 3D at the mall! It was a really visually stunning film but I did get a bit lost at times. It’s weird to think that Sherlock, Regina George and the White Witch (or as she should actually be called: ‘Ice Queen’) were all in a film together, but it works :D.

On the 6th of November I had quite an embarrassing morning. I went to get some cereal like I do every morning and when I went to go back into my room it was locked! I didn’t realise that the door was set to lock when it was closed and the wind from the open window in the room had blown the door shut. Now I was locked out of my room without my keys, student ID and my phone whilst I was still in my pyjamas! I had no idea what to do, as  I had no clue where my roommate was or what to do. Luckily for me though I’d brought my I-Pod with me when I went to get cereal, so I thought I’d try messaging Maggie: the Resident Assistant for our block. However I didn’t get a reply shortly and my I-Pod was staring to run out of battery! I was beginning to lose hope, until my flatmate cam into the kitchen and suggested that I go downstairs and try and see if Maggie was in her flat. I had though about doing this but just assumed that she wouldn’t be in considering that I hadn’t had a reply from her. I though “screw it” and went downstairs in my pyjamas and knocked on the door of her flat, which was full of people I didn’t know (I was so embarrassed!). To my relief Maggie was there and was able to get someone who was able to get me back into my room! I was so relieved to be back in my room, I decided to celebrate by going back to bed!

Thanks for reading this entry, I hope you enjoyed reading about my mixed ending to October and my more enjoyable start to November. I’ve only got about one month left of my first semester here and I’m surprised at how quickly yet slowly my time here’s been. Until next time.



One thought on “A Tale of Two Halves

  1. I enjoyed that read. You must not leave your room /flat without thinking about getting back in again..It’s like leaving the house without a frontdoor key!! Just catching up on your blogs……xx


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