Unexpected Surprises

Welcome back, I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have had a good one and that your Turkey day was bountiful! I’m going to pick things up on 8th and 9th of November and combine them together, due to the fact that this was the result of the U.S. Presidential Election. I think it’s fair to say that the entire world was shocked with the result. I don’t think even Donald Trump thought he was going to win!

Initially I was very upset with the result, but I’ve gradually come to terms with it, as it’s only 4 years at best! I spent the evening of the 8th watching the results come in and it just kept gradually getting worse for Clinton supporters everywhere as it went into the early hours of the 9th. I was messaging Kristin and my friends back home just freaking out about the results coming in. One of the panel on the NBC or CNN (I can’t remember which one it was) mentioned that this election could have the ‘Brexit effect’ and this made me really mad that the UK’s (in my opinion) stupid decision was affecting the U.S.’s decision. Seriously though, can we just have a re-do on all political results in 2016 please?! The next 4 years are certainly going to interesting to say the least!

Thank goodness for the sake of the entire world that John Lewis released their Christmas advert on the 10th of November! Their Christmas adverts never fail to make you feel emotional in some way and appreciate what you have, and boy did we need this right about now! This years advert featured a boxer dog called Buster who just wanted to be able to bounce like everyone else, and finally got to do so on Christmas morning after the family had brought a trampoline for the little girl (even though he kinda stole her thunder but that’s not important).

This advert was really special to me this year as I could relate it to my own family. My mum had a boxer dog herself called Bo when she was a little girl, and I’ve never stopped loving the trampoline which I’ve had for several years now. So the feels were very much felt watching this advert for the first time.

On top of all that, it was my mum’s Birthday today! I Facetimed back home to wish her a happy Birthday and had a very nice long chat with my parents about all the recent goings on and the little things, like what was on TV recently. I honestly love talking to them about nothing in particular, it always make me feel happy.

On a more random note, today I learnt that my generation/age group actually had a name! We’re called ‘Millennials’ and it applies for people born between 1976-1996, so I just about fit in there! Although we could also be called ‘Generation X’ too, I just find little things like that really cool to learn about.

Friday the 11th of November was another evening of two halves. Hugo had invited us over to have some crêpes and just hang out. Oda and Miriam were going out, so it would just be me, Hugo and Caitlin. I was very eager to get out of my flat once again, as this time one of my flatmates had his girlfriend over and several of their friends over, making the place very crowded as a whole. Plus my roommate was having another girl over yet again!

I was the first to arrive at Hugo’s place and there was already some crêpes ready to consume, so I helped myself. We discussed the result of the election for quite a while up until Caitlin arrived. I don’t need to tell you, but of course the crêpes were amazingly good (even given my past with crêpes, which I won’t get into, but I’m sure those who know me well should know what I’m on about!). Our conversation somehow got onto the whole ‘piggate’ scandal that happened to David Cameron which was hilarious. Then we started to watch an episode of ‘Mock the Week’ that related to the whole debacle. Hugo had informed us that Rikako might also come over with some other people, and they all showed up about halfway through the episode.

She’d brought about 4 other people with her and all of a sudden it had gotten very full in Hugo’s living room. We all got to know each other some more and I think there was a mixture of American and foreign students which was cool. Then Miriam and Oda came over all of a sudden, as they’d come back from their little outing, then finally Etsu came over too. It had gone from a small gathering of 3 to a big group of 11! I have no complaints, the more people I get to meet the better, plus it’s always nice to hang out with the friends I already have! Then at about 12:30 am we all decided to say goodbye and went back to our own places.

All the people were still at my flat when I came back, but thankfully my room was vacant, so I decided to go to bed. After about half an hour I hadn’t got to sleep and all of a sudden the lights and TV turned on and my roommate and a girl come into the room! I was completely covered under the bed sheet so they must not have seen me (surely the lights and TV being switched off would have been a hint?!) They just laid on his bed and watched TV (rather loudly) while I just lay in my bed shocked at why they were here this late, and how they had not considered to think that I was here! After about an hour I was starting to go numb in my arm and had to move it, for some reason this small movement made them aware that I was there, not the fact that there was a body shaped mass under the bed sheet?! I was finally left in peace after they realised that I was there (they just assumed I was asleep).

On the 12th of November, I was given a serious reality check after learning about the events that went on today. There had been a shooting at Crossgates Mall, the one I had been at literally a week ago! Thankfully no on was killed or injured, but it’s scary to think what could have happened.  This had definitely made me more aware that gun crime is a real thing that can happen here and that I really need to be careful. This is one example of the U.K. being a much safer place than the U.S. when it comes to things like this. I also got kicked out of my room once again, but at this point it’s not really new or worth mentioning in detail.

Sunday the 13th was the day I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here finally returned to British TV and has made my evenings so much better and give me something to look forward to at the end of my day! I think this is the only year where I knew who all but 1 of them were. Scarlett and Joel are already my 2 favourites and are really amusing, and the part where Larry Lamb had to rescue Scarlett was hilarious. I know I’ve mention this before with several other things, but this show is another indication for me that Christmas is on it’s way! (I apologize for all the Christmas talk, but this year I’m way more excited than usual!)

Well I think I’ll leave this blog entry here, I’m gradually getting closer to being somewhat up to date with these blog posts. Although Finals will most likely change all that…Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Unexpected Surprises

  1. That’s lovely to hear you enjoy our little chats so much! I’m especially enjoying I’m a Celebrity this year, love the Scarlett pictures! I also love the John Lewis advert! That’s a bit scary about the shooting at the Mall,
    stay safe xx


  2. Thanks for the JL advert -first time I have seen it!! For your info when Bo had puppies I think your Mum named /loved one of the puppies more than the rest and it was called Buster.. mine was called Fudge -but they all were sold on…
    Lizzy and Chris are just at the end of a USA visit and was down around Mississippi for Thanksgiving she was supposed to be in Tennessee this week but their hotel was on fire….went to Nashville instead of their burning hotel! Due home tomorrow.


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