I Hope You Don’t Mind Turkey Puns, They Might Be A Little Fowl!

Hi again! I hope you’re all doing well, let’s continue things on the 14th of November where I was once again got caught up in a fire alarm! This time it happened at the library and was very strange at first, as the alarm started off with just a random voice saying “ATTENTION ATTENTION” then it proceeded to blare the actually horrible alarm. I was really close to finishing my reading and so was really frustrated to have to pack everything away and go wait outside.

There were loads of people in the library so it took quite a while for everyone to get out. I decided that I’d stay and just wait outside until the alarm was over with. After a while, a police officer came over to check up on things and I was shocked to see the handcuffs he had on him. Not because they were handcuffs, but because they were hot pink! They really took away from any intimidation he may have had. Then shortly after that, some firefighters showed up in their full firefighting gear! This made me think an actual fire was happening, but we were shortly allowed back in so I guess not.


Thursday the 15th of November was a day that was able to flip from a bad one to a good one thanks to my professors. First we’ll start with English class where we got our midterm papers back. I got a B which I was very happy with, it’s the comments I wasn’t happy with. He had written that I needed to take additional writing class because he thought my writing skills were that bad! He also mentioned how he wasn’t going to take any of his own time to this (the nerve of him!). I don’t think in my entire time in higher education I’ve been insulted by a professor before!

Later on in the day I had the U.S. city class, with the professor who actually cares about her students and and is more than happy to go over any problems they may be having. Earlier last week I had a mark back for an in class quiz and was surprised to find that I was given 10 out of 100. I was mainly confused, as in class we go over the question after we’ve handed our answers in, and it seemed like I’d answered correctly. So after the class today I went up to her and asked if I could get some feedback on where I went wrong. she was quite happy to go back to her office with me and go over it. When we got there however, she became confused as to why I wanted feedback, as it turns out I actually got 95 out of 100! She concluded that she must have entered it incorrectly on the computer system, which was a massive relief.

On the 16th of November, we all went to see a basketball game which feature our school against the Oneota Red Dragons. Oda’s classmate Amanda came with us and I added another American to the list that I’d met here. Watching the basketball game meant that I’d now been to (what I consider) all 4 American sports live! We made our way to the SEFCU arena in Alex’s car (it was quite the squeeze!) and took our seats. Oh but only after having free pizza (because when isn’t there free pizza here?!) The game itself is quite easy to follow and something was always going on, which I’m a fan of . I was a bit conflicted however when it came to who to root for. Obviously I wanted our team to win, but at the same time, how can I not support a team called the Red Dragons?! I come form the land of the Red Dragon! The game became pretty one sided towards Albany and we won 97-56, due to this I didn’t really pay much attention in the second half. But overall I did enjoy it and if I were to rank the American sports it would go:

  1. Ice Hockey
  2. Basketball
  3. American Football
  4. Baseball

The late evening at my flat was another HUGE irritance, as at around 10:00 pm my roommate brought another girl over and I was forced to set up in the living area. I was there until 3:00 am!!! I was beyond annoyed and tired, it was ridiculous how long I wasn’t allowed in my room to sleep. I was certainly going to put my foot down next time!

The 17th of November marked the first of 2 Thanksgiving meals I would be having this week. I didn’t have my English class today and so I was able to attend the Thanksgiving “dinner” (it was at lunch time so I’m just going to call it lunch) that the ISSS was holding at the SEFCU arena that I’d been at only yesterday. Only myself, Caitlin and Oda could go to the lunch as everyone else had classes at that time. The food was amazing, and consisted of a mix of pasta, turkey stuffing, mashed potato, green beans and all sorts of other things. At our table a girl from China came and sat with us, in addition to a professor who seemed to be very knowledgeable about other countries and I think he taught a class on different cultures.


After the main meal was finished it was on to dessert, and my new favourite: Pumpkin Pie! (it was a really big piece too 🙂 ). Then there was a cookie decorating contest, which I’d hear a lot about and assumed that it was more of a Christmas thing but enjoyed it anyway. I had no idea how to decorate my cookie, but after putting on a dollop of icing an idea suddenly came to me and I went to work. Very early on in the decorating process I asked if anyone had an idea what I was making, Oda only went and guessed it straight away! I was attempting to make the Ying and Yang pattern, and the reason she was able to guess it so quickly was because she was going to do that at first! I guess I wasn’t as creative as I thought I was being.


That was the last part of the lunch and after that was done, I had to go to my politics class to do a presentation which I felt went very mixed. I felt I did better than I usually did presenting anything, as this time I had actually prepared notes of what I was going to say. However the professor seemed to be in a particularly bad mood and was picky about little details of every group presentation. But in the end it was all fine as we got an A-!

Sunday the 19th of November marked the 2nd of my Thanksgiving meals. This time it was hosted by Maggie, who was just on the floor below me which was convenient. Just as I was walking down the stairs, someone was coming into the building with a huge turkey, so I went and helped them get into Maggie’s flat. In there I found one of her flatmates sitting at the table and Oda and Caitlin helping Maggie in the kitchen. I introduced myself to her roommate and the person I had just helped in with the turkey, which turned out to be the other Residential Assistant that actually let me back into my room that one time I (really, it was the wind) locked myself out of my room! Somehow I was put in charge of providing the music for the evening and just ended up playing Christmas music as I couldn’t think of anything else. Shortly then Hugo arrived and the food was ready, I mentioned before how big I thought the turkey was, well it turned out that it was only a typically small one!

The food was amazing and I couldn’t help, but help myself to more! After a while, I decided to abdicate my role as DJ to Caitlin, as I felt like everyone was low key judging me for playing Christmas music! After all the food was consumed we just hung out and chilled for a while, where I was once again given the opportunity to impress at the request to say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (saying that never gets old 😀 )

The next day on the 20th of November, I decided to give myself a day off to do completely nothing, as for the past I don’t know how many days, I’d done at least some form of work/reading for classes. I dubbed it ‘Steffan’s Day Off’, although it was nowhere near as interesting as the film I may have taken the name from!

Well I think I’ll end this entry here, I hope you enjoyed it. As I predicted last entry, Finals have already begun to stress me out and as a result I might not have another entry for a bit (hopefully though I’ll be able to find sometime amidst all the worry!). Until next time.



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