Radical R & R

Welcome back once again! Now let’s get back to things on November the 21st shall we? Okay so this was the day I had to hand in a 5 page paper for my public history class about how a local community promotes itself and its history. I decided to write mine on Pembrokeshire, and I’m not going to lie to you, I felt somewhat homesick writing about home! Being here has been amazing, but it’s seriously given me a whole new appreciation for home and the U.K. in general, which I never thought would happen by coming here. Also it’s still incredibly weird not living close to the coast for once in my life (I got an A for the paper, and my professor was so impressed she said that Pembrokeshire was now on the list of places to travel to for her!).

On a completely unrelated note, winter most definitely hit on this day as the temperature completely plummeted in the evening. My face was was numb after walking back from the library!

The 22nd of November was the final day of classes before Thanksgiving break. It was also the last teaching class for my English class, although we still have essay workshops classes for the final paper (I can’t wait to be done with finals!). In the evening all of my flatmates were going home and I’d finally have the entire place to myself again! Although I made sure to stay clear of my flat until I was sure my roommate was gone. The reason for this was because I accidentally (It genuinely was an accident and not intentional in any way) locked my roommate out of our room the night before. This was only because I lock the door when I get changed into my pijamas, and this time I just forgot to unlock it. I felt so bad when I got up in the morning, I quickly got out of there without bumping into him (he slept in the others’ room). When I got back, one of roommates was left and just about to leave so I had successfully avoided my roommate. It felt great knowing I was going to have at least 4 days of no obnoxiously loud rap music or being forced out of my room!

I had one of my best days on the 23rd of November! It started with a nice relaxing lie in, then I set off to Walmart to do some shopping. I thought this was going to be a mistake as it was the day before Thanksgiving, but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I got back to the flat, it was showtime for something I had wanted to do for the longest time: CLEAN! I spent the majority of the day cleaning the entire kitchen/living space and the bathroom, the floors got a really good clean too. I felt very accomplished after I’d finished and decided to treat myself in the new clean and relaxing living space. I hijacked the GameCube my flatmate had left here and indulged in the memories it brought back from my childhood. I still remember very clearly going to my Aunty Vivien’s house, where myself, my brother and two cousins discovered the GameCube our other cousin had and just played on it for ages having such a fun time! All in all, today had consisted of some of my favourite things: sleeping, cleaning and video games (I can be a strange person sometimes!)

Thursday the 24th of November was Thanksgiving and mine was certainly an unconventional one! I awoke to find that it had started to snow ever so slightly, which for some reason I thought was very special and decided to tell my friends back home about. I also of course had to wish those near to me a happy Thanksgiving and just proceed to chill out for the day. Thanksgiving is typically known for spending time with your family, and whilst I technically couldn’t do that, I was still able to be with them through the technological wonder that is FaceTime! I definitely felt better that I had actually had some form of contact with them on Thanksgiving. My unconventional Thanksgiving wrapped up with my dinner: BBQ ribs and chips, it was really good! I wasn’t that bothered about the Thanksgiving food as I’d already had 2 of them before, so I already had a very good idea of what it was like.

Friday the 25th was Black Friday here in the U.S. and I thought about going to see what the stores would be like but decided against it. Until Hugo asked if I wanted to go with him to Walmart to pick some things up and see what it was like. I agreed to go because I hadn’t see anyone from our group in a while and I was kind of curious to begin with anyway! It was really creepy walking from Freedom Quad to the bus stop at Collins Circle, as there was no one around at all, it was like a ghost campus.

Once we arrived at Walmart it was busy, but not as crazily busy I thought it might have been. Most of the deals were on the second floor, including quite a lot of TV’s that were just stacked up next to each other in their boxes, it was like some really expensive dominoes. Hugo got ingredients to make eclairs whilst I got a carton of juice (as always). Once we got back Hugo said he had to do some work, but that I could come over and have food with him in the evening, as he’d also bought a discount turkey at Walmart.

When I went over to his place in the evening I got to enjoy his cooking all to myself! It was nice to hang out with him for the day, as I think we’d gotten a bit bored without the others. Saturday the 26th was a moo point of a day so I’ll just skip on ahead to the 27th of November. This was the day my roommate came back and the reality of getting back to work set in. As I have 3, 10 page papers due by the 12th, 14th and 17th of December, so I’m going to have a lot of work to do between now and the Christmas break on the 21st.

I think I had relaxed a little too much over the Thanksgiving break, as when my flatmate asked me if I’d done the weekly response paper for the Public History class, I realised that it had completely slipped my mind and it was due the next day!

Image result for friends phoebe santa doesn't exist gif

I literally did this face after he told me!

Related image

Also me shortly after








I found out about this at 11:50 pm, and I somehow managed to write 540 words in a 30 minute panic in the hope that it would be good enough (not my proudest moment, but I still managed to get an A!). The 28th of November was back to classes and a pretty standard day, so I don’t have anything to retell you here, sorry about that.

Another shorter entry, but I’m afraid it’ll have to do for now. Finals haven’t driven me to the same levels of madness as Midterms did…..yet! But we shall see how everything goes, I’ll try my best to get another entry out around the same time next week, the finish line for this semester is in sight! Until next time.



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