Cymru am Byth!

Hello! I’m back again! I don’t really have anything funny to begin with so I’m just going to get straight back to where I left off. The situation where I was feeling pretty out of it and put off by things continues into the 21st of February. Today was the day that I almost missed a class, worst of all, this class was when we had a midterm test! The history class that we usually have was not on today, so I’m going to say that that’s what put me off. My journalism class is after the history class and starts at 4:15. For some reason in my head, I thought it started at 5:15, which is when it ended! Of all the classes I could have messed up the times with, it had to be the one time a test was being held!

But fear not! After my very panicked realization and departure, followed by fast walking to campus; I made it to class 15 minutes late. BUT. I was able to complete the test! I really hope that never happens again!

Wednesday the 22nd was quite another weird day. There was a sudden heat wave that hit Albany. This is 2 weeks after that massive snowfall I wrote about in my last blog post, this just points to more evidence that Global Warming is really happening (despite what the President of the country I’m currently living in thinks >_> ). With this sudden heat wave, I just wanted to be on a beach! But me being in Albany means I cannot do such a thing so easily. I was now yet again missing Swansea, and being only a short walk away from the beach. Although as Kim reminded me from Germany, if it was a beach at Swansea it would probably be rainy/cold/windy and not sunny! But both Kim and I were suffering from what I call ‘Swanseasick’.

Thursday was classes, and so like a bad student, I’m going to skip (writing about) them…. Apologise for that terrible attempt at a joke, but in all seriousness, nothing much really happened today. But on the 24th however, we all went out for more Chinese food downtown on Lark street (not at the same place as last time). The food was great and we all shared what we had like we did last time, which is all part of the appeal I think. After we finished our food, those in the group who were 21 and up, were going to go out for some drinks. Something that, me being a 20 year old, couldn’t do!

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I thought I was going to have to go back all on my own, but it turns out that Morgan wasn’t 21 either! So I wasn’t alone on my way back to Freedom Quad. We’re both not from Albany, or 100% familiar with the area so we weren’t sure which bus would be best to take and where to get it from. Caitlin gave us directions on the best bus to take and where to get it from, but for some reason we initially had a hard time finding it. After asking 2 people and doing some investigating, we found the bus stop that would take us to the Polytechnic institute which was right next to Freedom. There were some weird people at the bus stop, but other than that it was fine.

I’ll tell you what’s not fine though. Being woken up at 4:00am!!! So yea, I was woken up at this time by a lot of loud shouting. At first I was terrified because I thought someone had broken into the flat. But no. In actuality, it was my roommate having a proper loud domestic over FaceTime with his girlfriend (I assume girlfriend, as you may have noticed, there hasn’t been any mention of girls coming over since that one time at the very beginning of the year). I’ll give you the juicy details shall I? Everyone on the quad could probably have heard the shouting so it’s not like he was trying to hide anything.

Okay. So basically one of her (the supposed girlfriend) friends had seen his profile on Tinder, and so after finding this out she started accusing him of cheating on her. He was obviously protesting against this with quite a lot of ferocity! I can confirm after getting more details at a later date, that my roommate did actually start talking to a girl in quite the intimate way whilst still seeing this other girl. He told his girlfriend this right in front of me on the phone, so it’s his own fault if he didn’t want anyone else knowing about it.

You can’t hide gossip from Welsh people, we live for that type of stuff!

Miranda wink

After getting over the annoyance of being woken up at 4:00am, it was quite amusing listening to him frantically try to defend himself. But I really hoped they hadn’t broken up. Not because I care about my roommate’s feelings, oh goodness no! But because I don’t want him bringing more girls over again!

Anyway, Saturday was a day spent weekending and then on Sunday the 26th we went over to Hugo’s place to watch the Oscars. We’d gone shopping before to get ingredients to make fajitas (although I somehow ended up doing a weekly shop at the same time, oops). I helped cut some peppers and felt like I was back in my role of ‘cutter of meal ingredients’ at our house in Swansea. The fajitas were really tasty and all the credit for that once again goes to Hugo. The coverage of the Oscars red carpet was weird. They had the cliché “Who are you wearing” fashion section, which from my perspective, just seemed really pointless and unnecessary. But the ceremony itself was pretty cool! A former student from Cardiff Uni won an Oscar for ‘Best Documentary’ (BOO Cardiff Uni, but yay for Welsh representation at the Oscar!).

IMG_0489Caitlin made some predictions about the big awards of the night, and to her credit, she got a lot of them right, which was very impressive! Nicole Kidman showed the world the weird way she claps…

Nicole Kidman Clapping

I don’t know why but her hands just remind me of the Grinch!

But of course, the biggest talking point of the night was that BIG mess up with the ‘Best Picture’ award going to the wrong film! Of all the awards they could’ve messed up on, it had to be the most important one of the night. It did make for goof TV though!

Monday the 27th isn’t particularly that noteworthy. But the 28th was! As today was Pancake day! I wasn’t going to miss out on Pancake day, no way! Plus, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with my friends. So in the evening I went over to Etsu’s place (as I can’t host in my flat due to how messy it is), with the ingredients that one needs to make pancakes. After that batter was ready, it was time to get flipping! I actually managed to successfully flip two of my pancakes (they might have been very small flips, but they were flips nonetheless)! It felt good sharing this little day with the others. After about 4/5 pancakes I was too full for any more, but it was a great end to a successful pancake day!

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The next day was March the 1st, or as it’s otherwise more importantly known as: St Davids Day! For those of you not aware of this day, it the national holiday of Wales! It’s in celebration of StDavid, the patron saint of Wales. On this day, children in school dress up in traditional Welsh clothing, take part in eisteddfodau (in which singing, recitals and other performances are done), people wear leaks and/or daffodils (both are traditional Welsh symbols), eat some of the Welsh food (Cawl: a type of soup with vegetables and lamb in it, Bara Brith: bread with fruit in it, Lamb: as in the small sheep, and Welsh Cakes, little cakes traditionally with dried fruit in them), and a variety of other activities take place across Wales.

I found this little video on YouTube and thought it would just add to the patriotism 😀 (The song’s by Catatonia, a band where the lead singer (Cerys Matthews) sounds incredibly Welsh!)

My parents had very thoughtfully ordered a package of Welshcakes, Welsh tea and blackcurrant jam (I guess if you’re American you’d call this jelly?) to be sent to me. Fun fact: this box was actually sent from California, as there’s a Welsh bakery somewhere there! Once again I wanted to share this day with my friends. So I went over to Hugo’s place to share my little box of Welsh wonders.

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Having tea with milk was a joy! Having something flavoured with blackcurrant was bliss (for some reason America has nothing blackcurrant flavoured). I also showed them a picture of myself in St Davids day clothing in a school picture from when I was very little.

DGD Steffan

In case you were wondering what this photo looked like 


DGD Steffan (2)

I sill haven’t learnt how to smile properly for photos 😂

Also during this evening, Rikako showed us a clip from I think it was a Taiwanese film in which a girl can pull sausages from guys necks and sprouts a bowl of ramen from her head when she finds ‘the one’. It was so weird! I have no idea what led our conversation to that, but it happened! She also showed us some palm reading that was also very strange but very amusing! Anyway, I hope you all had a dydd gwyl Dewi hapus (that’s a ‘happy StDavids day’ in Welsh 😉 )

Nothing much else happened again until the 4th of March, when Hugo suggested making chili con carne. This time it would be at Rikako’s place, where we got to meet her suitemates who are all very nice (apart from the mean one…). I got to chop up peppers again and helped towards the delicious meal. After food, one of Rikako’s suitemates showed us a dating website specialising in sugar daddies. It was hilarious! Some of the people on there are very weird and specific…

We then just got to know each other, as one of them insisted that we all answer questions about ourselves.  I didn’t really have that much interesting things to say about myself compared to some of the things the others said. The only thing that I could think of that would be slightly interesting, is that my eyes are different shades of green (true fact: my right eye is lighter than my left eye).

On Saturday the 5th, I started on some of the work due for my midterms. I had a take home history exam, a test in my politics and journalism class and an essay/diary for my English class. It’s a good thing I started early.

Then on Monday, myself, Hugo, Caitlin and Seohyeon went to see Logan, the last Hugh Jackman Wolverine film! But not before the shuttle bus left without me, even though I was walking right towards it, on time!

Miranda rude

Anyway, the film was very good, but very sad for reasons I’m sure you can guess why, considering this is the last wolverine film for a while! Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to say about the 7th. Nothing much happened on the 8th either, except that I spent the day doing revision and final preparations for my midterm tests tomorrow.

So moving on to said Midterm tests, the 9th of March was basically my Midterm day. It started out pretty poorly though. My politics midterm test was done without much knowledge of what was going to be on the test. We were only told the format of the test, not what to revise! I wasn’t that confident with my answers but you’ll have to wait and see how it went (real time Steffan knows the results and I’ll leave you guessing for now).

I had to hand in an essay for my history class and a diary for my English class, which both weren’t too bad to complete. My journalism midterm was a multiple-choice test, but the cool bit was that it was done on one of those fill in the circle tests you see on TV and in movies. I forgot the name of them though…

After a hard day’s work, I was rewarded for once. The reward was that my roommate had gone home for Spring Break early! I overheard him saying that he was going to leave on Friday. So I was thrilled and surprised when I got back to my room that evening!

The next day on the 10th, was ‘Spring Break Spring Clean’ day! I took on the challenge of cleaning the entire flat seeing as there was only myself and one other person here. It was the best! I felt so accomplished after. Today was also the day of sorting out transportation for my own Spring Break getaway. There was quite a lot to sort out but it was going to be so worth it and I was so excited for it! Also, special shout out to Harriet whose birthday was today on the 10th, I hope you enjoyed your birthday and turning 21! Hopefully the 4 of us can meet up soon when I get back from the U.S.!

This is where this blog post ends! Next time it’s all about what I got up to over the Spring Break, so I’ll leave you in suspense over that. I hope you enjoyed this entry and I hope you’ll be back again next time. But until next time…



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  1. And Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus to you
    And Happy pancake day and Happy spring spring break clean day and happy 🐣 Easter 🐣.
    V xx


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