Easter Blues

Hi there! Welcome back to the blog, where we’re slowly getting closer to the end. Only 2ish months of blog entries left! Let’s just get straight back into it then. So on the 6th of April, Hugo had offered to cook for us and of course I was more than happy to go. He was cooking chicken wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes on the side. It was soooo flavourful and reminded me of the food I’d typically have at home. It was only myself, Caitlin, Hugo and Rikako this time, as the others were quite busy with work. After food, I don’t know how we got to this topic, but we were discussing rude phrases in different languages. I looked up some Japanese phrases and they didn’t sound rude or nasty at all. Everything in Japanese sounds so nice and completely not threatening!


(Also, just to let you know, April might be a little sparse in some places so there will probably be a lot of day skipping). So now skipping ahead to Saturday the 8th of April (I did warn you), we get to the day of the Grand National in the UK. For those of you who don’t know, the Grand National is the biggest horse racing event of the year! I can’t remember a year in my life when I haven’t been at home watching it with my family, so today sucked, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the famalam all day! I’m not even that big a fan of horse racing, but watching the grand national is just a thing we’ve always done as a family and it just sticks out in my head for some reason. Even since I was little and my mamgu (that’s Welsh for Grandma) was still alive, we’d each have our own bet on a horse, and even if only one of us won, we treat that as a win for the whole family. Even after my mamgu died we’d still place a bet on a horse in her name.

It’s weird, but horse racing is just a family thing we like to watch. On myself, and Geraint’s Birthday’s before, we’ve gone to Ffos Las racing track to bet on the horses. So yea, the point of that long shpiel was just to say that I missed home today. What sucked even more is that none of us even won today!

Ffos Las Horse Whispering (2)

Here’s a lovely candid of myself, my mum, and Geraint looking at the horses at Ffos Las

It’s also at this time of the year the temperature started to climb up to be a lot warmer. On the 10th of April, there was a pretty big heat wave going on. It was actually quite a nice change, and you could just tell there was something different in the air. The grass seemed to be greener and the trees and flowers seemed to be growing back from that long winter chill. I decided to embrace this change in the air and give another go at cleaning the flat, as surprise surprise, it was a tip again! I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was nonetheless very annoyed and angry when only minutes after I’d finished cleaning, my roommate had already made a mess. He’d spilt energy drink over the kitchen tops and all over the floor (which just made the floor horribly sticky). But what’s worst of all, is that he literally just dropped a teabag on the floor. He didn’t even bother to try and put it in the bin, just straight on the floor. He has absolutely zero manners or consideration for other people’s feelings! I can’t wait to be rid of him! (Real Time: 7 days and counting until I never have to see him again :D)

On a brighter note, all throughout this week I enjoyed going through my Easter goodie box. This definitely helped put me in the Easter spirit. I was overjoyed on Saturday the 15th, when I found out that my roommate had gone home for Easter! HOORAY! To make things even better, Doctor Who and Britain’s Got Talent were back on British TV! That was my night sorted! (If you were ever curious about what my favourite act EVER from Britain’s Got Talent was, then you can find out here in one of my previous blog posts: https://allaboutalbanyblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/midterm-maddness/ )

Miranda in room to herslef

I’m not even kidding when I say, my reaction to finding out my roommate had gone was something similar to this!

The next day was Easter Sunday, and whilst I did get to enjoy my big small Easter egg, I was missing my family. I’ve never been away from home or my family for Easter, and I have very fond memories of Easter at home. Most notably, I remember hunting for Easter eggs in the garden with Geraint when we were little (Sorry for the frequent “I miss home” statements, I shouldn’t really complain much should I? I’ve only got less than a month until I see my parents again anyway!).

My short 2 days of joy ended on the 17th of April when my roommate came back. It was nice while it lasted. This whole experience will certainly make me appreciate having a room to myself. I don’t know how American students do it for 4 years! It didn’t take long for him to annoy me again, as on the 19th of April he had a girl over! Yes, we’re back to this again. I can only assume he broke up with his girlfriend or he’s a way worse person than I initially thought (and that’s saying something!). So it was off to the library for a late night away from the flat. About 10 minutes after I arrived the fire alarm went off (seriously this happens way to often!), but as I was walking out I randomly saw Miriam in this massive group of people that had evacuated the library. I went over and chatted with her for a while as we waited to be allowed back in. She was very stressed and had a lot of work to do, so the fire alarm didn’t really help her which sucked.

Anyway, when we were finally all allowed back in again, I pretty much had free reign over where to sit, but I decided to go back to the same place on the third floor which was pretty much completely empty. Then these two girls come and sat at the desk right behind me! They had pretty much an entire floor filled with empty desks to choose from, why sit right behind me!? It’s a little thing to get annoyed about but they would not stop talking either which really doesn’t help when you’re trying to read. Ugh, people just annoy me sometimes.

Then we move on to the 20th of April, which marks the one month countdown of my time as a student as the University at Albany! One month to go! Can you believe it!? Anyway, the 21st was quite the busy day filled with loads of food (the best thing a day can consist of!). There was a small fair-like event happening on one of the fields on campus, the event was called Fairwell (I see what you did there UAlbany 😏). The main appeal was that you were given 10 tickets each to use in whatever way you wanted on any of the stalls/tents. It was quite cloudy when I got there so it wasn’t that pleasant to be outside, but the free food was worth it.

I went straight away to the dessert/sweet stall and got a cookie. I should have probably started with a more substantial food choice, but sweet things are just too tempting for me. We then chatted for a while before we went and looked at some other stalls. This time I actually went and got something more appropriate in the form of a cheeseburger (I may also have gone back to the sweet tent to get another cookie and a rice crispy pop). Some of the non-food stalls included: a small zip line, a very popular tent where you could get a cartoon drawing of yourself done, a collection of fair game stalls, and a pathetic music stall that had about 6 people dancing next to it and looking ridiculous. The fair was cool, but nowhere near as good as some of the ones I’ve been to in the UK, this one was like a cheap student version, which is kinda appropriate I suppose!

This was only part one of today’s plans, as we were going out for Mexican food later at a place called ‘El Loco’, that Morgan had been to and had recommended to us. When we got back from the fair we hung at out at Rikako’s place for a little while before going out for food. While we were here, we sent Oda a happy birthday video message as it was her birthday today and we thought it would be a nice thing to do.

We then headed out downtown, and like most places on a Friday and Saturday night, it was very busy at El Loco, so we of course had to wait for a table. In order to pass the time we went over to Washington Park which was just next door for a little stroll. Whilst on this walk we encountered a very impatient driver who almost knocked us down as we were crossing the road which was rude. We were all fine, I just have a particularly bad memory of this one occasion when I was younger and crossed the crossroad right by my house and almost got hit by a truck. So it’s worrying to think what can happen if you don’t cross the road carefully (life tip: always look both ways!).


Once our wait was over we went back to El Loco to get ourselves some Mexican food! I wasn’t quite sure what to get to begin with, but I settled on a burrito, which ended up being a really good choice. Although the waiter did end up mixing up myself and Rikako’s orders by giving us each other’s meals (they were both Burritos). Thankfully he told us before we’d started to eat them! The place was also very nicely decorated with all things Mexican and Latin American. I’m glad Morgan recommended this place as I don’t think I’ve ever gone out to eat Mexican food before! Going out for food was the only interesting thing that really happened to me for an entire week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But on the 27th of April, I was in for 4-5 days of hell! Today my suitemate had told me that he and my other suitemate were having some of their friends from home over to stay for the weekend. I don’t know about you, but I consider the weekend to be Saturday and Sunday. But their friends arrived today, a Thursday. There was about 5 to 6 of them and it was a complete mess from the get go. It was going to be a long 4 day weekend…

Saturday the 29th a bit of a relief in the middle of an annoying time. It was really nice and sunny today, and Hugo had asked us if we wanted to hang out outside with him to have a drink. Only myself and Caitlin were able to join him. We ended up going to the little wooded area behind freedom. It was so nice today that I even decided that it was acceptable to wear shorts! I only ever do this if it’s really (and I mean REALLY) hot! The flat was unsurprisingly a tip, so it was nice to get out. There was a lot of reflective talk between the 3 of us, as the reality that our time in America was ending began to set in a lot more.

We’d planned on going out for a picnic in Washington Park on the 30th but unfortunately, we had to end up cancelling it. Not all of us could make time for it and the weather wasn’t as nice as it had been yesterday. It’s a shame as I would have liked to take more pictures in the park. Finally, on the 1st of May the last of the irritating guests had left! I could now get to the bathroom without having to wait ages for someone to come out. I could also now walk into the kitchen without having to get past a massive group of people in the living area. They’d also gone through a whole heap of stuff whilst they were here. There was no kitchen or toilet rolls left by the time they had finally gone. It’s a good thing I’d gone shopping that morning!

So ends a somewhat melancholic blog post. This one wasn’t the most cheerful in the world and I apologize again for that. But hey, life isn’t always sunshine and roses. But on the bright side, this blogs content is actually from the same month this blog goes up (even if it is only one day). Anyway, the end is approaching! Until next time.




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